<p>Randall Bell knows strategic planning. He got the call for Hurricane Katrina, the Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Sites and the World Trade Center, respectively the larges climate, environmental and terrorist events, in the history of the world. Now he reveals the ’10 Strategies’ to achieve bottom line results. - Donald T. Phillips – New York Times Best-Selling Author, Lincoln On Leadership</p> <p>Powerful! Bell just knocks you over with both his managerial concepts and then illustrating them through his hands-on experiences in working on some of the world's toughest challenges. It is a must read for emerging leaders! - Jon Luther - CEO, Dunkin Donuts</p> <p>Bell offers valuable life lessons gleamed from some of the most fascinating and dramatic real life incidents and disasters in the world. As a father of three teenagers and a pre-teen, Bottom Line Results is truly an MBA for life for everyone in your family! - Robert S. Griswold – Award Winning Radio Host &amp; Author, Real Estate Investing for Dummies</p> <p>Randall Bell correctly points out those who can face a crisis head-on and solve it, ultimately enjoy the highest achievement. - Dawn Hudson – President &amp; CEO, Pepsi-Cola North America</p> <p>Thanks for coming on the show - I’m not going to call you Dr. Disaster, because you look like a nice guy! - Bill O’Rielly</p> <p>Wow! Sometimes life gives us lemons, but Randall Bell shows us how to make the lemonade! His book is fascinating and simply packed with genius. - Denise Brown – Founder, Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation</p> <p>An economist - Randall Bell is the country’s foremost expert - ABC’s 20/20</p> <p>Bell is a nationally known expert - The Chicago Tribune</p> <p>Randall Bell is a Master of Disaster - Los Angeles Times</p> <p>Uniquely qualified – Bell really shines - The Wall Street Journal</p> <p>Bell is an expert - Time Magazine</p> <p>A more extensive look at how to create a full business strategic plan is offered by Randall Bell’s Strategy 360. This book outlines as the skills for a complete strategy including goal setting, time management, team-building and profit-earning. The author is no fan of theory or happy talk. He is strictly into strong, practical results. - Bookviews by Alan Caruba</p> <p>His newest book out this month, &quot;Strategy 360: 10 Steps to Creating a Complete Game Plan for Business &amp; Life,&quot; In the words of Stephen R. Covey, Bell delivers &quot;an inspiring framework and... brings many new and innovative concepts to the table&quot;. - The Laguna Beach Independent</p> <p>I’m holding his book up right now. I’ve been reading this book over the weekend and I got to tell you, you’ve got some great points in here! - Harry Douglas Talk Radio </p> <p>I put this on the A-List. Impressive, informative and thought-provoking. - Kerstin (Kiki) Haakonson - Miss Sweden, Miss World &amp; Mother of Three</p> <p>Most “success gurus” would run and hide from the challenges that Bell solves every day. When it comes to leadership and management, this is the real deal. This guy has worked on solving some of the world’s most complex problems and he has done us all a favor by showing how he did it. - A. Terrance Dickens – President &amp; CEO, Bixby Land Company</p> <p>Bell is a Rehabilitor - People Magazine</p> <p>I want to see your mind working on this! - Chuck Harder Show “For the People”</p>

<p>Pocket Business Plans</p> <p>A Refreshing, Clear Approach for Peak Performance</p> <p>A high-school football coach has a written game plan before every game. Likewise, executives and professionals need a clear written plan to excel. Indeed, clinical studies show that a written game plan enhances performance. We all know that we need a written plan, but who has the time? How do we sort out all the voluminous data? What outline should we follow? The key is simplicity. This intelligent training system delivers powerful mind-mapping skills that help you collect and organize your thoughts. You design the plan that is right for you. Plus, you can carry it with you and update it whenever you want. Now there is no excuse for not having a complete business plan. This powerful system comes with wallet cards to capture your own game plan. Just reviewing your own Pocket Business Plan twice a month will bring energy, confidence and profitability. Many have paid thousands of dollars for live training, but this DVD program reduces the costs dramatically. Now you can take ownership of the proprietary DVD training, complete with worksheets and 12 wallet cards for only $59. Results are 100% guaranteed for a full 90 days or your money back.</p>


Ten Steps to Creating a Complete Game Plan for Business & Life

Pocket Business Plans is based upon the principles of Strategy 360, by Randall Bell. Randall is the CEO of Bell Anderson & Sanders LLC and directed a national practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

As an economist, Randall consults on the world’s most complex cases.
This includes the World Trade Center, the Bikini Atoll nuclear test sites,
the OJ Simpson and Jon Benet Ramsey cases, Hurricane Katrina and
the BP Oil Spill.  A frequent speaker around the world, his career has
Strategy 360 Bookbeen profiled widely in the media.

<p>Education Tools Results</p> <p>For the Boardroom, Courtroom, Classroom or Family Room</p> <p>People who are trained in strategic thinking always out-perform those who are not.</p> <p>Our mission is to help you become a strategic thinker. Strategy 360 reveals the framework for building an effective game plan. We then use case studies to bring the concepts alive. Strategy 360 resources include: The Book: Endorsed by the world’s top executives and thought-leaders. 360 Tools: With coins, paperweights, key chains and wallet-cards, keep the powerful principles of Strategy 360 at your fingertips. Upgrade Kits: Take your daily-planner and convert it to a powerful strategic-planner. So revolutionary, it’s patent-pending. DVD Training Series: Filmed on all seven continents, this is the most comprehensive training series ever produced. Coaching: For top executives, Certified 360 Coaches deliver superior results. </p>


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